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Small Miracles by Helder Guimaraes

Small Miracles by Helder Guimaraes

400 руб.

Артикул D116
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Helder Guimaraes победитель FISM 2006 World Champion of Card Magic. В этом видео вы научитесь потрясающим фокусам с картами, эти фокусы удивят даже самого искушённого зрителя на чудеса. Фокусы представленные на этом диске: Small Miracles, you'll find:

Blank Deck Routine – One of Helders pet routines, where a spectator ends by free selecting (yes, free selecting!!!) the only printed card from a blank deck!

Invisible Thread Routine – Transform one card into four aces, make 4 kings appear and then perform a two phase transposition routine between them. Includes a very clean version of Paul Harris' Reset.

S(h)ocking – Two cards transposition that top card guys will want to perform.

Out of this Water – Learn how you can perform Out of his World, ending with a deck separation out off your hands!

Visual Triathlon – A version of Pit Hartlings effect, thats so visual and so impossible people will have lots of jaw dropping.

Plus more baffling tricks, new techniques and methods, 2 extras (if you find them…) and lots of comedy!

And remember: "Don't believe in everything you see in this DVD, it can be an illusion..."

Running Time Approximately 2hr 12min

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