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Fast Company - Damian Nieman 1-2

Fast Company - Damian Nieman 1-2

800 руб.

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На этих двух дисках вы найдете не только демонстрацию шулерских приёмов, но и научитесь им и сможете без труда распознавать их.  Эти два диска великолепно подходят для изучения шулерских приёмов ложные тасовки и многое другое.
Fast Company" is a 2 disk DVD set that teaches artifice, ruse, and subterfuge at the card table. This is much more than just a demo of gambling sleights. This is a comprehensive instructional resource that explains these moves using slow motion, multiple angels, extreme close ups, over the should shots and P.O.V. These DVDs deliver excellent study of some of the finest card artifice to date presented by one of the best pair of hands in the art, Damian Nieman. DISC ONE consists of "The Tools of the Trade". These are the sleights and techniques of the advantage player and a look at how they can be used in performance of gambling related routines. A few of the topics covered are: -How to Shuffle on the square -Table cascade flourish -Card control -Slug controls -A myriad of false cuts -False Strips and running cuts -Various push through shuffles -Strip out shuffle -Crossroader strip out shuffle -Work on the Zarrow shuffle -Hustlers in the hands false shuffle -Table faro and applications -Hops, shifts and other dodges (including work on the Miller shift) -Shuffle chops -Single and multiple card palms and cops *Detailed work on false deals* -The Second deal - strike, push off, stud and many others -The Bottom deal - strike, squeeze out, Jennings T&T and more For the first time, a true in depth look and detailed teaching of these notorious false deals including many techniques and subtleties that have never been taught before. DISC TWO consists of gambling related routines and effects that should be in the repertoire of every performer. These are in depth looks at some of these classic plots and routines that seem to be discussed all the time. These are Damians own versions of these classics including: Ace cutting routines -Scarnes aces -Unique lead in to McDonalds Aces -Damians tips on Marlos estimation aces (Miracles ace cutting) -"Stevens shuffle" ace cutting routine Thoughts on Triumph Multiple versions and tips with many different shuffles and how they are used to perform The Professors classic: -Push through with block transfer -Zarrow -Free cut ace principle -Sky shuffle 3 Card Monte Step by step instruction on everything from the moves to the psychology of the routine. Everything you need to know to make this a powerful cornerstone of any performance. Invisible Palm Aces (a.k.a. Open Travelers) Larry Jennings classic effect is one of the most powerful things you can do with a deck of cards. Damian teaches every aspect of this classic with previously unreleased moves and tips that were learned from Larry himself along with Damians own touches.

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